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Why be an Eco Warrior on vacation?

Over 1 billion people travel internationally each year in the tourism industry. Unfortunately, only 42% consider themselves sustainable travelers.   The average American generateS 19 tons of carbon dioxide a year, however one roundtrip flight from New York to Europe produces 3 tons of carbon dioxide PER PERSON.

Travel is necessary to expand our horizons, to be open-minded, and to abandon perceptions and judgements. It enables us to see the last Rhinos in Africa, the dying rainforests in South America, the trash clobbered beaches of Bali. thankfully,  it also inspires us to do something about it. Eco-tourism is a growing industry and one in which businesses are throwing the words โ€œGreenโ€ and โ€œEcoโ€ in front of their names to make a profit without actually making an impact.

At Authenteco, we have sourced your stay, your food, and your adventures to not also make for the vacation of a lifetime, but also ensure you support the communities and environments your travels affect along the way.

We as consumers can decide where to put our money, what we eat, where we stay, what we buy, which businesses we value and support and which businesses we avoid. The choice is ultimately ours.

Choose us & Travel Responsibly.

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New Zealand

Want to stay in solar-powered huts in private valleys, taste organic wine in Nelson, roadtrip the west coast glaciers, ride into hills?



Want to avoid the tourist traps, learn about The Vietnam War, watch rice field sunsets, and have the best food tour of your life?



Want to swing like Tarzan, stay in an eco resort made entirely of bamboo, eat homemade ice cream, or dive through coral conservation sites?



Want to see the Northern Lights in isolation, taste the flavors of the Sami culture, and run with the wolves?



Want to gallop with giraffes, eat ancient treats, support local artists and schools?



Want to camp in an airstream on the beach, learn the magic of Steve Irwin, and taste the flavors of real food?


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